Nikolaj Coster-Waldau sums up Game of Thrones in four reactions.

Guys Ten couldn’t carry the Olympic torch


if he did Donna would see it on television, recognize him and thus her mind would burn up.

Eleven has realized this and thus he’s now carrying it to save her life.

He’s got it under control. 




“I know my courtesies, m’lady,” Gendry said, stubborn as ever. “Whenever highborn girls came into the shop with their fathers, my master told me I was to bend the knee, and speak only when they spoke to me, and call them m’lady.”
“If you start calling me m’lady, even Hot Pie is going to notice. And you better keep on pissing the same way too.”
“As m’lady commands.”
Arya slammed his chest with both hands. He tripped over a stone and sat down with a thump. “What kind of lord’s daughter are you?” he said, laughing.
“This kind.” She kicked him in the side, but it only made him laugh harder.

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Only Sandor: Sandor's feelings for Sansa →


Sandor and Sansa’s relationship was not about love or physical attraction in the beginning, but it started to turn into that at some point along the way.

If he had been creeping and leering at a 12 year old, I wouldn’t like him the way I do. I think their relationship started with…

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Hearteater ate no hearts on this day.

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